Jockey Chair

Jockey chair in the MHHNA museum collection

Mahogany curvilinear chair featuring a leather covered “springy” seat with horsehair interior padding. It was used for posting exercise, to maintain riding muscles, on inclement days. For 20 or 30 minutes, the “rider” sat upon and bounced up and down on the Chamber Horse. A sliding safety bar was secured across the chair arms to […]

Charles H. Thieriot’s Hand Hooked Runner

Exhibit at the MHHNA displaying a hand hooked runner, foxhunting attire, and a display case with various artifacts

From a painting by Benjamin Herring. Size 13.8 ft. X 3 ft. This lovely hand hooked runner was made for Julia’s grandfather’s tack room located at Cedar Hill, Locust Valley, Long Island, New York, where he stabled his hunters, thoroughbred breeding stock and coach horses. Charles Henschel Thieriot, after graduating from Harvard College in 1937, […]

“The Chase” Capodimonte Porcellane Principe

Porcelain principe of a foxhunting scene, donated by Mrs. Jill Nangeroni

The Story of Capodimonte Capodimonte porcelain, sometimes “Capo di Monte”, is porcelain created by the Capodimonte porcelain manufactory (Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte), which operated in Naples, Italy, between 1743 and 1759. It is a style accredited to the very finest Italian porcelain, and its fascinating origins date to the eighteenth century when Charles VII took […]

Victorian Sterling Silver Hunting Horn

Victorian sterling silver hunting horn

This Victorian Era sterling silver horn is approximately 10.5 inches long and is engraved with leaves. It is trumpet shaped and bears the inscription: Gift to James Treadwell from the Dorsetshire Hunt James “Jem” Treadwell was born circa June 1800 in Oxfordshire, England and died in 1871 in Blandford, Dorset, England. His occupation was listed […]

“Hours of Idleness” Framed Print by John Emms

Framed and matted print by John Emms of a pack of foxhounds resting in the barn, donated by Bruce McCashin

Emms was born in Blofield, Norfolk, the son of artist Henry William Emms.[1] He became an avid hunter and became famous for his paintings of horses, and of dogs, particularly foxhounds and terriers. He exhibited at the Royal Academy several times, beginning in 1866. His paintings are signed “Jno Emms”. He married Fanny Primmer of […]

Royal Doulton Hunting Bowl & Cups

Collection of Royal Doulton Hunting Bowl and cups donated to the MHHNA by Cindy Piper

Royal Doulton; the renowned producers of some of the world’s finest china, and makers of some of the most highly sort after collectible figurines, started in 1815 with John Doulton after he developed his name as one of the best pot throwers of the times in London. Skills and work ethics, led to various partnerships, […]

Black Pottery Platters

Ceramic platter painted black with a hand painted foxhunting scene by Diana Dickstein

The Platters are of unknown origin. They are believed to be “Thumbprint” Work, which means that the original clay was shaped and then indented with thumb prints on the rims by the artist. These are foxhunting scenes, signed, artist unknown, and thought to be about 100 years old. They are cleverly mounted on Plexiglass panels […]

British Foxhunting & Racing Scenes on Walnut Screen

Foxhunting racing scene on a walnut screen at the MHHNA museum, donated by Susan M. Ely

This screen was originally from the home of her grandfather, Sir Ashley Sparks at Northaw, near Syosset, Long Island, New York. Susan remembers it in his dining room when she was a child. The lovely prints are mounted behind glass and are in excellent condition.

American Sporting Artist Series

Pamphlets from the American Sporting Artist Series on Paul Brown at the MHHNA

Three exhibitions beginning with works by Franklin B. Voss, then displayed selections by Paul Brown, and the most recently featured artist, Richard Newton Jr. Each exhibition, arranged in the elegant ballroom of the Mansion at Morven Park, included several representations of the individual artist’s work, with many pieces graciously loaned from private collections. An informative […]


A vintage gold synger on display at the MHHNA

A tool used to remove excess hair on horse’s ears and muzzle.

Fox Stirrup Cups

Vintage silver stirrup cups with foxhound head on display at the MHHNA

Stirrup cups are a hallowed tradition — and a favorite with riders who participate in foxhunting. These silver receptacles, usually in the form of a fox, stag, dog, or horse’s head, are filled with port or sherry and traditionally presented to mounted foxhunters as they wait to set off. This tradition started in the18th and […]

Hacking Home Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture of a man on a horse hacking home by marilyn newmark

Marilyn Newmark’s sculpture reflects her close association and love of horses. It is her intimate knowledge of both horses and riders combined with a real talent that results in a detailed realism that is a delight to connoisseurs of both sculpture and horses. Every muscle and tendon as well as posture of horse and rider […]

Richard Newton Screen

Painted screen on display at the MHHNA depicting a foxhunting scene by Richard Newton

Oil on canvas four-panel screen. The scene is of the Blue Ridge Hunt. The artist served as the first Master of Foxhounds of the Suffolk Hounds, Long Island, in 1908. Newton was the third artist in the Museum’s Sporting Artist series of exhibitions.

Fox Statuary

fox statuary

Garden sculptures by an avid foxhunter and long time member of the Norfolk Hunt in Dover, Massachusetts. Miss Peabody was a noted philanthropist and left much of her open land to the Trustees of Reservations, now Noanet Woods.

General George S. Patton’s Hunting Diaries

Black and white photo of two foxhunters and scanned copies of his diaries

On the General’s first day as MFH of the Cobbler Hunt, they “ran for twenty minutes over some big fences and ran to earth on the hill west of James Gibson’s.” In another account, he writes “Ben took the best jump I have ever seen out of a lane with a marsh in front of […]

Hound Head

Bronze sculpture of a foxhound head

This bronze was in the personal collection of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a member of the Orange County Hunt, Virginia, and the Essex Fox Hounds, New Jersey

The Scurry

Oil painting "The Scurry" a foxhunting scene in a wide open field with dozens of riders and horses

According to James L. Young, MFH of the Orange County Hunt, a “scurry” was a common artistic conceit popular in England during the 17th and 18th centuries, before the advent of photography. The art form was a composite portrait of the riders, horses, and hounds—all identifiable and named—in a particular hunting field or club. The […]

Ogle Horn

Vintage copper and brass horn that belonged to Samuel Ogle

A graceful curved copper and brass horn that once belonged to Samuel Ogle, Proprietary Governor of Colonial Maryland, and inscribed with his name and the date, 1731, is the glowing centerpiece of the Museum’s collection. Its significance to the sport of foxhunting is far-reaching. The Samuel Ogle horn is a tangible symbol through which Museum […]

Mountain & Muse Watercolor Sketches

Two hand illustrated drawings of foxhound heads

The watercolor sketches of Mountain and Muse, like other works of art on paper, require special care and conservation. Years of exposure to light can harm paper objects and fade watercolor pigments. Heat, humidity, dust and temperature also play a role in affecting art objects. Artists in the past often unknowingly worked on paper with […]

New Forest Jasper Oil Painting

Oil painting of a foxhound and a foxhunter looking at each other through a barn stall door

Portrait of Tom Seabright, Huntsman of the New Forest Hounds and Jasper, bred by Lord Egremont Shortly after the portrait was painted, it was reproduced in an engraving by Scott, published in the June 1803 issue of The Sporting Magazine. The engraving was accompanied by the following commentary: “…Jasper was, when young, consigned to Mr. […]

John Bowles Sporting Art Collection

Exhibit room at the MHHNA with framed art on the walls and a display table.

Original art by Lionel Edwards, one of the twentieth century’s foremost sporting artists. Included in this generous gift are five oil paintings commissioned by sportsman-businessman John Bowles, and each depicts Mr. Bowles and his wife, Norma, hunting in the English Shires. The donation—five original paintings, along with sketches, working drawings and correspondence between subject and […]

Mini Mosaic of Hounds & Fox

mini mosaic of hounds & fox

A Micro History of Miniature Mosaics by A La Vielle Russie After Napoleon’s 1814 defeat, Europe became open to tourism once again. Italy was the most popular destination, where tourists flocked in pursuit of works of art. Souvenir purchases often included copies of masterpieces and also jewelry in the form of cameos, intaglios, and, most […]

Wooden Breeches Tree

Vintage foxhunting breeches and wooden display at the MHHNA

In an attic in a home in New York state, a hunting treasure from by-gone days ha sbeen found. Farnham Collins, MFH, recently discovered his grandfather’s “breeches tree.” After a hard days ride, doeskin breeches were hand-washed and placed on the breeches tree to dry. Doeskin breeches needed reshaping. They were cut to fit the […]