Year-End Message from the Chairman

group of people dressed up in front of columns of white mansion

Dear Member and Friend of the Museum,

We have wonderful Christmas news! The Museum of Hounds and Hunting North America is expanding to the charming Town of Middleburg, Virginia with an anticipated Grand Opening in early 2024. We are thrilled to have found a prominent locale, the circa 1820 historic building, at 11 West Washington Street. In earlier days, the building was occupied by the National Sporting Library, and then Barton’s Art Gallery. We will continue to maintain our well-established presence at the Morven Park Mansion since 1985. The Middleburg and Leesburg galleries expand our reach and offer enhanced benefits to our membership.

Dr. Joseph Rogers, MFH, and members of the Loudoun Hunt in front of the Mansion at Morven Park
Dr. Joseph Rogers, MFH, and members of the Loudoun Hunt in front of the Mansion at Morven Park


The Museum of Hounds & Hunting, Inc. opened on May 24, 1985 in the north wing of the stately Mansion at Morven Park thanks to a small group of sporting enthusiasts. They conceived the idea of the Museum in order to preserve the art, artifacts and memorabilia of a centuries-old sporting tradition. 

Seeking to acquire important and valuable artifacts before they are lost, the Museum provides a special place for the preservation and display of the sport’s rich history and by developing educational exhibits, promotes public understanding of hunting with hounds and Land conservation.


To preserve the rich North American heritage of hunting with hounds, for today and for the future; acquire important artifacts before they are lost; provide a repository for precious objects; and, by developing educational exhibits through research projects, present hunting with hounds through the sport’s historical, sociological and cultural heritage.

Vintage black and white photo of foxhunting group crossing the Potomac at White's Ferry
Crossing the Potomac at White's Ferry

About Morven Park

1,200 acre estate west of Leesburg, Virginia

The estate, off Rt. 7 on Old Waterford Road, was home to two governors: Thomas Swann, a governor of Maryland in the 19th century, and Virginia’s reform governor Westmoreland Davis.

Morven Park was the last home of Governor Davis, who served his gubernatorial term from 1918 to 1922, and his wife, the former Marguerite Inman of Atlanta, daughter of a wealthy New York cotton broker.

Thirteen years after his death in 1942, Mrs. Davis established the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation as a memorial to her husband and the estate was opened to the public in 1967.

The mansion, a focal point of the estate, evolved from a fieldstone farmhouse in 1781 to its present turn-of-the-century appearance. It is actually three structures moved together. Visitors enter the mansion through a Greek Revival portico to see a Renaissance great hall, a Jacobean dining room, a French drawing room, a library and a display which highlights the life and times of Governor Davis.

Because the Davises traveled widely, the furnishings are of varied styles and eras, including 16th century Flemish tapestries, Renaissance and neo-Renaissance pieces, l’art nouveau, silver and glass, fine paintings and porcelain figurines collected by Mrs. Davis.

Outside view of the mansion at Morven Park, big white columns with horse and carriage crossing in front

Morven Park Staff

Stacey Metcalfe

Executive Director & CEO

Jana Shafagoj

Director of Preservation & History

Anna Carneal

Collections Manager

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Board Members

*Original Board Member  †Deceased


  • Mrs. Erskine L. (Nancy G.) Bedford, Chairman*
  • Mr. William N. (Bill) Burnette, MFH, Treasurer
  • Dr. William H. (Will) Allison, ex-MFH
  • Mrs. James L. (K.T.) Atkins, MFH
  • Mrs. Trevor (Kim) Brown
  • Mrs. John J. (Patricia) Carle
  • Mrs. Irvin (Vicky) Crawford II, MFH
  • Mrs. Sam (Mary) Mitchell, ex-MFH
  • Mr. John J. Head
  • Mr. Joseph Keusch, ex-MFH
  • Mr. Douglas Lees
  • Mrs. Joseph M. (Donna) Rogers, MFH*
  • Mrs. C. Martin (Daphne) Wood III, MFH


Mrs. Nigel (Louisa) Ogilvie Woodville
Mr. Thomas L. Ashbridge, ex-MFH †
Mr. Rob Banner
Mrs. Kathleen Beer †
Mr. Ernest Byfield †
Mrs. Jean Bowman †
Mr. John J. (Jake) Carle II, ex-MFH*
Mr. Peyton S. Cochran, ex-MFH †
Ms. Mary Phillips Coker
Mrs. Wm.C. (Joyce) Fendley, MFH
Mr. Norman Fine
Mrs. Samuel K. Frazier †
Mr. Oliver Goldsmith †
Mr. Sherman P. Haight, Jr., ex-MFH †
Mrs. Sherman (Peggy) P. Haight
Ms. Mary South Hutchison†
Mr. Alexander Mackay-Smith* †
Ms. Marion Maggiolo
Mrs. Arthur McCashin †
Ms. Pamela Ohrstrom †
Dr. Betsee Parker
Mrs. Christopher (Mary) Reed, MBH
Dr. Joseph M. Rogers, MFH*
Mrs. Donald (Margaret) Van Schaack†
Ms. Eleanor Slater, ex-MFH
Mrs. Joseph (Judith) Tartt
Mr. Peter Winants†
Mr. James L. Young, MFH†
Mrs. James L. (Sally) Young†

Donna Rogers, MFH, Bruce McCashin, Stephanie Bourjein, Joseph Keusch

About Our Members

Our membership represents a group that is both diverse and united.

The diversity is reflected in the range of reasons that bring people to the Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America. The unity is found in the single-minded purpose to preserve and promote the art and artifacts of hunting with hounds in North America.

The membership is, of course, well represented by those from the foxhunting community; active participants who ride to hounds, former hunters who still follow and support the sport, and non-hunting friends who appreciate and value this way of life. Also under the hunting banner are those who subscribe to beagle packs, members of hunts whose hounds pursue coyote rather than foxes, and foot followers who hunt behind bassets and other harehound packs.

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