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New Forest Jasper Oil Painting

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Portrait of Tom Seabright, Huntsman of the New Forest Hounds and Jasper, bred by Lord Egremont

Shortly after the portrait was painted, it was reproduced in an engraving by Scott, published in the June 1803 issue of The Sporting Magazine. The engraving was accompanied by the following commentary:

“…Jasper was, when young, consigned to Mr. Compton, of the New Forest, in Hampshire; where soon after his entrance, he began to acquire the laurel of celebrity, and for ten years maintained his superiority not more as a leader, than his power in hitting off a fault upon a cold scent, or continuing the chase upon a dry road. The whole of the present pack are his own progeny, and esteemed, by the best and most impartial judges, to have as good legs and feet—the finest of all considerations in breeding—the finest symmetry, and the strongest muscular powers of any fox-hounds in the universe; few afford more sport, none do their business better.”

Excerpt from article researched and written by Norman Fine.

For more information, read:

Museum News, Dec 1993, Vol. 5, No. 6