In the Collection

Victorian Sterling Silver Hunting Horn

Donated By

Mary G. Clark, in memory of Alexander Henry Higginson


This Victorian Era sterling silver horn is approximately 10.5 inches long and is engraved with leaves. It is trumpet shaped and bears the inscription:

Gift to James Treadwell from the Dorsetshire Hunt

James “Jem” Treadwell was born circa June 1800 in Oxfordshire, England and died in 1871 in Blandford, Dorset, England. His occupation was listed as “Huntsman”. It is assumed he was the huntsman of the Dorsetshire Hunt. Information could not be found on the transfer of this horn to Alexander Henry Higginson, but it would be likely that since both gentlemen served as Master of Hounds for Dorsetshire that the horn was passed on as a gift from the Treadwell family to Mr. Higginson.

Alexander Henry Higginson was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1876, a son of Boston Symphony Orchestra founder Henry H. Higginson. Alexander married actress Mary Newcomb and then left Boston to make his permanent home in Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. Alexander was the author of several works on foxhunting in England and America, and on breeding foxhounds. He served as Master of Hounds for the Cattistock Hounds and the South Dorset Hounds in Dorset, England.

The horn was generously donated to the Museum by Mary G. Clark of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2019. Ms. Clark is the niece of Alexander Henry Higginson. This donation was graciously made possible by Mr. Thomas Higginson.