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Hacking Home Bronze Sculpture

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Mrs. Hedda Windisch von Goeben in Memory of Sherman P. Haight, Jr. MFH


Marilyn Newmark’s sculpture reflects her close association and love of horses. It is her intimate knowledge of both horses and riders combined with a real talent that results in a detailed realism that is a delight to connoisseurs of both sculpture and horses.

Every muscle and tendon as well as posture of horse and rider could be matched only in real life. Her composition is a true reflection of the horse and rider at the height of action, or at rest. Nine months are usually required in the many step process involved from the original wire frame (the armature), through clay, plaster, and wax casts before the bronze is poured. Even then there is still some remodeling and finishing the piece before it is colored to produce the patina and finally mounted on marble.

Her models are produced in limited numbers sometimes even as a unique edition. “Hacking Home” was presented to the Museum of Hounds & Hunting NA in 2019.