"Working Hound MFH" Painting by Gail Guirreri Maslyk


Gail Guirreri-Maslyk is a sporting and fine artist with more than 30 years to her credit. She now lives in Millwood, VA, where she has her studio and breeds Holsteiner sport horses alongside her partner, Dr. William B. Ley. Gail began her art education in college where her primary medium was in watercolor, but now paints exclusively in oil, preferring large canvas stretched on board. Donations of her art have benefited various organizations including animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, hospice, youth education and development and land preservation. Gail studied fine art at Virginia Tech as an art major under professors Ray Kass (painting), Janet Niewald (drawing and painting), Maryann Harman (painting), Robert Henry Graham (emeritus, drawing and painting), and David Crane (ceramics). She is self-taught graphic artist, webware programmer with database development.
“Working Hound MFH”,painting by Gail GUIRRERI MASLYK