Memorial Reading Room

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A variety of books, papers, magazines, maps, and videos to extend your understanding of hunting with hounds. 

History of Hunter Whiskey Comes Out of Hunt Country, Baltimore, MD

Table with two lamps, two painted portraits of dogs, a bronze foxhunting sculpture, and a framed illustration of a foxhunting scene on the wall.

Hunter: First over the Bars

A favorite of Marion Maggiolo

This popular statue, made for the Hunter Whiskey Company, has been in my living room for 20 years. I have another, made as a lamp, in the office at Horse Country. It reminds me of Paul Brown; anyone would want to ride, hunt or show the horse. Plus, the rider is beautifully turned out.

In searching for information about the piece, I read an artist named Shepherd did the original print ad for the company but am unsure if he did the statue. It’s white metal, done in the 1940s. The tail has been repaired so we move it carefully. There are lots of antiques in the room, but this vintage advertising piece grabs the eye. It’s been easy to live with all these years.

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