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Members‘ Perspective on the Museum of Hounds and Hunting NA

A “Museum” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

This definition only partly captures the essence of the Museum of Hounds and Hunting NA. The true spirit of the MHHNA exists in the lived experiences of hunting devotees and the desire to pass that spirit along to future generations.

From the many valued members of the Museum, four individuals have volunteered to share their thoughts on what the MHHNA means to them and why they’re committed to supporting its mission.

Tommy Lee Jones, who served as Huntsman for Casanova Hunt from 1971 to 2021, was inducted into the Huntsmen’s Room in 2022.

“I spent my whole life, including my 50 years serving as a professional huntsman, following, admiring, and even emulating many of those honored in the Huntsmen’s Room. I’m now so humbled to be included among them. The Museum does a great service by preserving the legacy of the men and women who’ve kept the sport going from one generation to another.”

Tommy Lee Jones

As Tommy Lee’s comments show, the Museum represents more than the tangible objects in our treasured collection. It’s about people like you who recognize the value of supporting the Museum with your continued membership and other volunteer efforts.

Vickie Crawford, MFH, Potomac Hunt, sees how instrumental the Museum can be as an educational tool for the broader public to learn about mounted hunting.

“I always enjoy taking friends to the Museum, especially if they are not horse-related people. Introducing someone who is totally unaware of our sport is very rewarding when they comment on the history, pageantry, and beauty involved with horses, riders, and hounds. They leave with a brand-new impression of our sport, and they appreciate all that we have poured into the Museum to educate those who are unfamiliar with foxhunting and chasing. The accolades I’ve received are worth all the effort that have been devoted to the Museum’s success.”

Vickie Crawford, MFH

For Epp Wilson, MFH, Belle Meade Hunt, there’s ample reason to make the trip from his home base in Georgia.

“Visiting the Museum is always a special experience for me, whether it’s during the Virginia Hound Show Weekend or any other time of year. The Museum portrays the history of North American foxhunting—’Our Story’— in such a fun and interesting way. Take your friends and family, whether foxhunters or not! They’ll enjoy the experience and it’s another way to support and promote the Museum.”

Epp Wilson, MFH

Yes, the Museum of Hounds and Hunting NA is, as the OED describes, a place where “objects of historical, artistic, and cultural interest are stored and exhibited.” But the intangible qualities of the Museum extend far beyond that physical space. You can hear the voices of those who have gone before, sense the thrill of the chase embodied in each display, and, perhaps, write your own story of days afield. One supporter sees creative inspiration at work.

With a sharp eye always alert for a good story, best-selling author and Huntsman for Oak Ridge Fox Hunt, The Right Honorable Rita Mae Brown, MFH, adds this note.

“Filled with treasures, there is nothing like the Museum of Hounds and Hunting, NA. The cast of characters in the Huntsmen’s Room could enliven any novel.”

Rita Mae Brown, MFH

As these comments show, for nearly forty years the Museum has embodied the spirit of mounted hunting, an essence that represents every individual who recognizes the value of preserving and displaying that spirit for the benefit of others.

But none of this would be possible without the dedicated support of members like you. Our sincerest thanks go out to all those who have maintained their membership over the years, many going back to the Museum’s founding in 1985. Please know how much we value your continued participation as a member and, when you can, as a volunteer.

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