MHHNA, Inc. Board Members

Mrs. Nancy G. Bedford, Chairman*
Mr. William N. (Bill) Burnette, MFH, Treasurer

Dr. William H. (Will) Allison, Ex-MFH
Mrs. James L. (K.T.) Atkins, MFH
Mr. John J. (Jake) Carle, II, Ex-MFH
Mrs. John J. (Patricia) Carle
Mrs. Sherman P. (Peggy) Haight, Jr.
Mr. John J. Head
Mr. Joseph Keusch, Ex-MFH
Mr. Douglas Lees
Mrs. Joseph M.  (Donna) Rogers, MFH
Ms. Kim Ginn
Mrs. Nigel Ogilvie (Louisa) Woodville

MHHNA, Inc. Advisory Committee

Dr. Rita Mae Brown
Ms. Mary Coker
Mrs. Wm.C. (Joyce) Fendley, MFH
Ms. Gail Maslyk
Mrs. Christopher (Mary) Reed, MBH
Ms. Jean Roberts, ex-MFH
Ms. Marion Maggiolo


MHHNA, Inc. Previous Advisory
Committee Members:

Mrs. Josiah (Diana) Bunting
Mr. John Head
Ms. Cathy Kerkam
Mr. Thomas L. Ashbridge 
Mr. Rob Banner
Mrs. Kathleen Beer  †
Mr. Ernest Byfield  †
Mrs. Jean Bowman
Mr. Peyton S. Cochran, ex-MFH
Ms. Mary Phillips Coker
Lt. Col. Robert N. Ferrer, MFH
Mr. Norman Fine
Mrs. Samuel K. Frazier
Mr. Oliver Goldsmith
Mr. Sherman P. Haight, Jr., ex-MFH
Ms. Mary South Hutchison
Mr. Alexander Mackay-Smith*
Ms. Marion Maggiolo
Mrs. Arthur McCashin
Ms. Pamela Ohrstrom
Dr. Betsee Parker
Dr. Joseph M. Rogers, MFH*
Mrs. Donald (Margaret) Van Schaack
Ms. Eleanor Slater, ex-MFH
Mrs. Joseph (Judith) Tartt
Mr. Peter Winants
Mr. James L. Young
Mrs. James L. (Sally) Young

*  Denotes Original Comm. Member
†  Denotes Deceased


Crossing the Potomac at White's Ferry

The Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America, Inc. owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation. As a parent nurtures a child, so has the Foundation supported, encouraged, and inspired the work of the Museum. Indeed, the Museum’s very existence was the brainchild of notable Foundation Board members and the Board’s continuing generosity has enabled this institution to grow and mature since its creation in 1985.

Mr. Sherman P. Haight, Jr., ex-MFH, first broached the idea of a museum dedicated to maintaining North America’s heritage of hunting with hounds in the early 1980s. He organized a feasibility group made up of fellow hunt masters to study the concept. Dr. Joseph M. Rogers, MFH and member of the Board of the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, suggested Morven Park for the new museum’s home. Fellow Foundation Board members Erskine Bedford and Arthur McCashin joined with Dr. Rogers and together they turned the concept into a reality: The Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America was born.

Like any hound pup or fox kit, continued support was needed to bring the new Museum into its own. The Foundation has provided a wing of the Morven Park Mansion to house the Museum’s growing collection and liberal use of the Foundation’s staff. Without this generosity, there would be no Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America and everyone associated with this institution is indebted to each member of the Foundation Board. Most particularly, we want to thank those who first conceived and then birthed the idea— Four Men & A Museum, if you will—Messrs. Haight, Bedford, and McCashin and, most especially, Dr. Joe Rogers.

The Advisory Committee of the
Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America

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